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January, 2015

Cut the Cord

August, 2014

Meeting Canceled

September, 2014

New Computer or New to You

October, 2014

Latest Windows Info

November, 2014

Latest Windows Info

December, 2014

Annual Christmas Party

March, 2014

Cool Library Services in the Digital Age

Aprl, 2014

The Gift of Legacy: Who's Writing Your Story?

May, 2014

Identity Theft

June, 2014

Favorite Websites

July, 2014

Social Media 2014 and Beyond

October, 2013

Photo Drone

November, 2013

Game Time

December, 2013

Annual Christmas Party

January, 2014

Identity Theft

February, 2014

BackUp! BackUp! BackUp! Your Computer

May, 2013

Newspapers & Genealogy

June, 2013


July, 2013

Virtualbox Virtualization (Postponed)

August, 2013

Virtualbox Virualization

September, 2013

Chromebook & tablets

December, 2012

Annual Christmas Party

January, 2013

Favorite Websites

February, 2013

Backing up your computer

March, 2013

Windows 8 Tips & Tricks

April, 2013

Online Music

July, 2012

Protect Yourself Online

LCCUG Picnic

August, 2012

Dropbox & Evernote

LCCUG Picnic

September, 2012

What's new with Windows

October, 2012

iPads & Androids

November, 2012

TVs and Computers

February, 2012

Discovering YouTube

More Tips & Tricks

March, 2012

System Backup & Storage

More Tips & Tricks

April, 2012

Bring Your Ancestor to Life

Photo Management with Picasa

May, 2012


Flip-Pal Scanner

June, 2012

Flip-Pal Scanner

Annual Picnic

September, 2011

Network Your Computers

JVS Tour

October, 2011

So You Want to be an Author?

Why MAC?

November, 2011

Your Library Card and You

Favorite Web Sites

December, 2011

Christmas Party

January, 2012

New Meeting Location
Online Shopping

Tips & Tricks (Computer Lab)

April, 2011

Social Networking

NASA Plum Brook tour

May, 2011

Lorain Coast Guard

Smart Phones

June, 2011

Open Source Software

July, 2011

Cloud Computing

Annual Picnic

August, 2011

What's in your hard drive?

November, 2010

Ohio Business College

Genealogy Programs

December, 2010

Christmas party

January, 2011

Weather forecasting

Homeland Security

February, 2011

Crash Reconstruction


March, 2011

Computer Forensics

What's New in Computers

June, 2010

Upgrading to Win7

Why Mac?

July, 2010

Cloud Computing

Homeland Security

August, 2010

Lorain County Visitor's Bureau

September, 2010

Computers & TV

Computer Tune-ups

October, 2010

State Highway Patrol


January, 2010

Stump a Geek

February, 2010


Computer Tweaks

March, 2010


Wireless Networking

April, 2010

Windows 7

Discovering Google

May, 2010

Adobe Photoshop


August, 2009

Viruses & Computer Protection

September, 2009

Favorite Sites

Photo Story/Movie Maker

October, 2009

Free Apps & Fun Stuff


November, 2009

Windows 7

Wii Games

December, 2009

Christmas Party

March, 2009


Online Resources

April, 2009

Genealogy w/Alan Rabe

Facebook and Twitter

May, 2009

CraigsList & Freecycle


June, 2009

Roots Magic 4

LCCC Library

July, 2009


Magic Jack

October, 2008

Buying a Computer in 2008;

Your Scanner- More Than a Copy Machine

November, 2008

Safe Driving;

Musical Instruments & your computer

December, 2008

Holiday Party; Elections & Raffle

January, 2009

Oberlin Conservatory (TIMARA);

File Management

 February, 2009

Microsoft Publisher

May, 2008

GIMP; Acronis True Image 11

June, 2008; Custom Browser Homepages

July, 2008

Summer sharing- Tips, Hints & Favorites

August, 2008

Vacation time

September, 2008

Maintaining Your PC;

Your Scanner- More Than a Copy Machine

December, 2007

Holiday Party & Raffle; Scam & Fraud protection

January, 2008

Under the Radar Web Sites; Genealogy

February, 2008

OLPC Project; HDTV

March, 2008

OLPC Project; LightScribe

April, 2008


Camera Doesn't Lie

July, 2007

Burning CDs; Spin It Again

August, 2007;

September, 2007; Virtual Credit/Priceline

October, 2007

Suite Day; SnagIt Videos

November, 2007

Holiday Tech; Internet People Searches

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