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MEETING LOCATION:Lorain County Community College - Lorain High School comples
TIME: Doors open at 5:30 pm. We have a general Q&A session on stage from 6:30 - 7 pm. Programs begin at 7pm.

NOTE: From 6:30PM until 7:00PM, we will be answering your computer related questions by showing them on the big screen so  everyone can
learn something.  We have access to both Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems.
As usual, the regular question and answer period
will continue from 5:30PM until 6:30PM.  So, come early if you want to make sure your questions get answered.  Sometimes there is quite a line!





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*Frequently Asked Questions
about computer users groups
(LCCUG in particular)

What is a Users Group? A users group is a group of computer enthusiasts who band together to learn, to share experiences and to help others. Users Helping Users is the best way to describe user groups. 

Why should I join? If you own a computer, and want to share your experience with others, that is a good reason to join. Also, if you are planning to buy a computer, joining LCCUG can help you make good choices in what kind of computer you need, and what features will be important. You can also learn from the many programs of LCCUG. 

How can I benefit from joining? Besides making friends, you will be able to see new products demonstrated, compare methods of doing things, and get a subscription to Interface, LCCUG's Newsletter. There are many other benefits, and the best way to see for yourself, is to come to the next meeting, and meet the group. 

How much does it cost? The cost of joining LCCUG is $25.00 per year. This cost is great for what you can get in return.   

Can I bring a friend? YES! and bringing a friend is encouraged. LCCUG is here for its members and the community. 

Do User Groups get paid to promote a product? No. If LCCUG demonstrates a product, they do so because there is some interest in the club to have that product demonstrated. Companies might assist with a demonstration, but do not pay a group to demonstrate their products. If a member suggests or recommends a product, it is because thatuser had used or heard of that product. 

Do the officers get paid? NO, the LCCUG officers do not get paid; everything they do is totally on a volunteer basis. And all members are encouraged to volunteer. Users Helping Users is the thought behind all actions of officers and members.  

Can my spouse and I both join? Yes, each additional person living in the same house may join for $12.50, so you save when you and your spouse both join.

I am unable to attend all the meetings, so why should I pay the full price to join? Rarely does one individual attend all the meetings. The membership fee is to pay for club expenses, such as the newsletter, the computer upkeep, and special program costs. Since the cost of the club is very little, and you receive 12 issues of Interface, members always get their money's worth.  

I have experience in a field, can I share this? Yes, LCCUG encourages members to share expertise with the other members. Once again, Users Helping Users. 

Will I get paid for sharing my experience? No, LCCUG does not pay its demonstrators; it is all done on a volunteer basis.  

 If you have any questions concerning LCCUG, Please send email to info@lccug.com



General Membership meetings are held at

LCCC Community Resourse Center
201 W. Erie Ave
Lorain, Ohio

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